New Title List

AddedDate Call Number Author Title Barcode Program Location
21-SEP-18 371.0712595 TAN 2011 TAN KEITH 1972 Mission schools of Malaya / Keith Tan ; with campus illustrations by Alina Choon g and selected students of UTM and Taylor's University. 5000162039 GENLS,GENLS,03,GR,MAL Lakeside
21-SEP-18 519.5 LEV 2017 LEVIN RICHARD I Statistics for management / Richard I. Levin, David S. Rubin, Masood H. Siddiqui , Sanjay Rastogi. 5000168252 TBSxx,35040,03,RM|SOCIT,35064,03,RM|SOEDx,35060,03,RMSOExx,35000,03,RM|SHTExx,35 020,03,RM|SOPxx,35063,03,RM|SBSxx,35010,03,RM|SOCIT,35065,03,RM|SOPxx35062,03,RM |SOPxx35061,03,RM|SHTEx,35050,03,RM Lakeside
20-SEP-18 519.535 BYR 2009 BYRNE BARBARA M Structural equation modeling with LISREL, PRELIS, and SIMPLIS : basic concepts, applications, and programming / Barbara M. Byrne. 5000168494 TBSxx,35040,03,RM|SOCIT,35064,03,RM|SOEDx,35060,03,RM|SOExx,35000,03,RM|SHTExx,3 5020,03,RM|SOPxx,35063,03,RM|SBSxx,35010,03,RM|SOCIT,35065,03,RM|SOPxx,35062,03, RM|SOPxx,35061,03,RM|SHTEx,35050,03,RM|SOExx,35041,03,RM |SOExx,35000,03,RM Lakeside
20-SEP-18 305.80072 PIN 2013 PINK SARAH Doing visual ethnography / Sarah Pink. 5000168495 TBSxx,35040,04,RM|SOCIT,35064,04,RM|SOEDx,35060,04,RM|SOExx,35000,04,RM|SHTExx,3 5020,04,RM|SOPxx,35063,04,RM|SBSxx,35010,04,RM|SOCIT,35065,04,RM|SOPxx,35062,04, RM|SOPxx,35061,04,RM|SHTEx,35050,04,RM|SOExx,35041,04,RM |SOExx,35000,04,RM|TBSx x,34004,04,CL Lakeside
18-SEP-18 006.6 WOO 2015 WOOD ALLAN B The graphic designer's digital toolkit / Allan B. Wood. 5000168415 SHTEx,30009,03,RM|SHTEx,70004,03,RM Lakeside
28-AUG-18 659.1 BAR 2016 BARRY PETE PETE S The advertising concept book : think now, design later : a complete guide to cre ative ideas, strategies and campaigns / Pete Barry. 5000168309 TDSxx,92610,03,RM Lakeside
28-AUG-18 688.8 UFF 2013 UFFELEN CHRIS VAN Packaging design / Chris van Uffelen. 5000168458 TDSxx,92610,03,RM Lakeside