New Title List

AddedDate Call Number Author Title Barcode Program Location
21-NOV-18 343.087 BOS 2017 BOSSCHE PETER VAN DEN The law and policy of the World Trade Organization : text, cases and materials. 5000169262 LAWxx,48001,03,RM Lakeside
21-NOV-18 720.68 CHA 2016 CHAPPELL DAVID DAVID M The architect in practice / David Chappell, Michael Dunn. 5000168462 SABDx,23002,03,RM Lakeside
16-NOV-18 720.14 ECK 2012 ECKLER JAMES 1982 Language of space and form : generative terms for architecture / James Eckler. 5000169172 SABDx,23003,03,RA Lakeside
14-NOV-18 346.595034 SIN 2016 SINGH K KULDEEP The tort of defamation : concepts and cases on libel and slander in Malaysia and Singapore / K. Kuldeep Singh. 5000168357 LAWxx,17002,03,RM,MAL Lakeside
14-NOV-18 349.42 PAR 2018 PARTINGTON MARTIN Introduction to the English legal system, 2018-2019 / Martin Partington. 5000168333 LAWxx,17002,03,RA Lakeside
13-NOV-18 370.72 FEL 2018 FELDMAN ALLAN 1943 Teachers investigate their work : an introduction to action research across the professions / Allan Feldman, Herbert Altrichter, Peter Posch, Bridget Somekh. 5000168370 SOEDx,47002,03,RM|SOEDx,46001,03,RM Lakeside
01-NOV-18 910 WEI 2015 WEILER B BETTY Tour guiding research : insights, issues and implications / Betty Weiler and Ros emary Black. 5000168952 SHTEx,30010,03,RM Lakeside
31-OCT-18 659.2 GUT 2017 GUTH DAVID Public relations : a values-driven approach / David W. Guth, Charles Marsh. 5000168788 SLASx,80000,03,RA Lakeside
31-OCT-18 760.28 DAR 2017 DARCY HUGHES ANN Printmaking : traditional and contemporary techniques / Ann d'Arcy Hughes and He be Vernon-Morris. 5000169258 TDSxx,29004,03,RM Lakeside
31-OCT-18 659.1 CLO 2018 CLOW KENNETH E Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications / Kenneth E. Clo w, Donald Baack 5000169413 SOCxx,91602,03,RA Lakeside
31-OCT-18 362.1 MAC 2018 MCKENZIE JAMES F 1948 An introduction to community & public health / James F. McKenzie, PhD, MPH, MCHE S, Robert R. Pinger, PhD, Denise M. Seabert, PhD, MCHES. 5000169145 SOMxx,33001,03,RM|SOMxx,33001,03,RA Lakeside
25-OCT-18 616.96 LOK 2015 LOKER ERIC S Parasitology : a conceptual approach / Eric S. Loker, Bruce V. Hofkin. 5000169141 SBSxx,95602,03,RM Lakeside
24-OCT-18 305 JOH 2017 JOHNSON DAVID W 1940 Joining together : group theory and group skills / David W. Johnson, Frank P. Jo hnson 5000169267 SLASx,37100,03,RM Lakeside
24-OCT-18 808.06665 MAR 2018 MARSH CHARLES 1955 Strategic writing : multimedia writing for public relations, advertising and mor e / Charles Marsh, David W. Guth, Bonnie Poovey Short. 5000168455 SOCxx,91602,03,RA Lakeside
24-OCT-18 658.4 MAL 2016 MALLIN CHRIS A Corporate governance / Christine A. Mallin. 5000169235 TBSxx,18002,03,RM Lakeside
24-OCT-18 791.430232 WAL 2017 WALES LORENE M The complete guide to film and digital production : the people and the process / Lorene M. Wales. 5000168165 TDSxx,92610,03,RM Lakeside
23-OCT-18 394.2068 GET 2016 GETZ DONALD 1949 Event studies : theory, research, and policy for planned events, 3rd edition / D onald Getz and Stephen J. Page. 5000168044 SHTEx,70004,03,RM Lakeside
23-OCT-18 741.6 LUP 2015 LUPTON ELLEN Graphic design : the new basics / Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips. 5000168112 SABDx,27000,03,RM Lakeside